On one side, ''Mecidiyeköy Mahallesi Şehit Ahmet Sk ada residance. No:6/10 Floor:5 Flat:71'', Ti Group Turizm Anonim Şirketi (VKN: 8441012892) (hereinafter referred to as "RADIO2020"), on the other hand, the Consumer who purchases tickets through the RADIO2020 application (referred to as the "Customer") have concluded this contract in accordance with the following conditions.


The subject of this contract is the service of selling tickets to the Customer regarding the purchase of organization and event tickets in electronic environment via the RADIO2020 application; It is the determination of the mutual rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer and the Regulation on the Distance Contracts.


The Customer hereby accepts and declares that he has read the texts titled "Terms of Use" and "Confidentiality" in the RADIO2020 application and has complete information about these terms of use and privacy clauses.


4.1. If the customer chooses the event ticket through the application, he will be able to see the price.

4.2. Event tickets can only be purchased with a debit or credit card on RADIO2020. If the customer purchases a ticket over the internet, credit or debit card options will be offered to him or her to make the payment. The customer will choose the appropriate credit or debit card option and complete the transaction.

4.3. Ticket prices may vary according to available locations, cities, events and dates. The Customer accepts and declares the said change in ticket prices. Ticket prices include all taxes and fees; The service fee for selling the ticket online is not included. RADIO2020 reserves the right to change the fee for the internet ticket sales service. The Customer accepts and declares the changes to be made in the fee for the internet ticket sales service.

4.4. Only the purchaser can use the tickets purchased through RADIO2020.

4.5. Tickets not used on the day and time are invalid and it is not possible to refund and/or change the service fee.

4.6. The customer cannot purchase more than the maximum number of tickets determined by RADIO2020. RADIO2020 prevents possible malicious ticket sales with this application. The customer cannot illegally sell the purchased tickets via the black market.

4.7. It is the Customer's responsibility to control and preserve the purchased event tickets. The Customer shall be liable for any damages arising from the failure to fulfill this obligation.

4.8. RADIO2020 has no right or authority to determine ticket prices, change or interfere with the seating arrangement, except for the organizations it organizes, and all of these are under the responsibility and authority of the organizers.

4.9 RADIO2020 may make changes and/or updates to the service, terms of sale and/or operation at any time in order to perform the work and/or transactions specified in the contract more effectively.

Members accept and declare in advance that they accept these changes and that they will act in accordance with these changes.

4.10 This contract does not contain any commitments on the number of tickets or similar issues that RADIO2020 will sell. For these and other reasons, the member cannot claim any rights or receivables from RADIO2020 under any name.

4.11 RADIO2020 has the right to unilaterally suspend, terminate and/or cancel the membership. The member accepts, declares and undertakes that there is no right of objection in this regard.

4.12 RADIO2020 may collect the identity, address, contact, IP and site usage information of the Member in a database for all legal purposes, including but not limited to purposes such as making user profile and market research, generating sales and site usage statistics, and using this information in a database. can operate without restriction. In addition, RADIO2020 may share this information with third parties/institutions in order to comply with the obligations imposed by the law or in case of request for investigation or research carried out by the competent judicial or administrative authority, or to protect the rights and safety of users.

4.13 The site may contain links to other websites of third parties, which are completely independent of this site and not under RADIO2020's control. RADIO2020 does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on these sites. RADIO2020 has no responsibility for the services/products offered from the websites accessed through these links or their content. Member's access to these websites is under his own responsibility and without the permission of RADIO2020.

4.14 It is possible to make copies of electronic tickets. For this reason, tickets should not be purchased for events whose tickets are sold by RADIO2020, except for RADIO2020. The electronic ticket shall be protected by the Member against copying, forwarding, duplication or theft by similar means.

4.15 Purchased tickets cannot be used for commercial purposes. It is prohibited to resell, offer and/or sell tickets at a higher price, and use them for commercial purposes such as promotional activities. In the event that the member's behavior in violation of this article is detected, RADIO2020 or the organizer has the right to cancel the ticket and demand compensation for the damage without giving any right to a refund or any similar request, and legal proceedings will be initiated and penal actions will be taken against the person(s) who committed this action.

4.16 Tickets may be sold out, closed for sale or additional tickets may be re-sold. The sale of tickets, capacity arrangement and similar issues are under the authority of the organizer and RADIO2020 is not responsible. Organizers can set event rules.

4.17 RADIO2020 is not responsible for any damage incurred by the ticket holder if the ticket is not given the right to enter as a result of stating that the ticket has been used before. The user will be deemed to have accepted this rule at the time of ticket purchase.

4.18 The Member accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that the conditions for admission, including the events for which he has purchased tickets, are always determined exclusively by the Venue and that RADIO2020 will not accept any responsibility in case of not being admitted to the Venue.

4.19 Those who cause disturbance, illegal and/or criminal behavior during the event may be taken out or not allowed into the venue by the venue, the organizer or the RADIO2020 official.

4.20 During the entrance to the event area, presentation of identity, reference number and/or mobile phone number or additional information may be requested. The ticket owner is obliged to share this information, if he does not share it, he will not be taken to the event area. In this case, RADIO2020 is not responsible for any damage to the ticket holder.

4.21 Although RADIO2020 has taken the necessary information security measures, RADIO2020 will not be liable if confidential information is damaged or in the hands of third parties as a result of attacks on the Site and the system.

5. Digital Ticket

a. Buy

1. After your purchase, you can access your ticket in the form of QR Code in the Profile - Tickets section of the application, respectively.
2. In this section, you can save your ticket and/or transfer the photo of your ticket to other applications such as e-mail or whatsapp by using the share feature.
3. If you are going to enter the event with QR Code, you can show the QR code directly at the entrance.
b. Return
1. The organizer can cancel events and change their dates for various reasons. In this case, the organizer is responsible for the procedure to be applied and makes the necessary announcements. In such cases, the fee they paid will be returned to the Member and RADIO2020 has the right to determine the way to be followed in the refund. The way to go will be clearly stated in the announcements. Under any circumstances, the refund is limited to the ticket price and the service fee, and the actual fees received, such as the transaction fee, are not refundable.
2. Refunds after event cancellations The organizer determines when the payments will be made.
RADIO2020 has no responsibility and liability in this regard. 3. Ticket sales are final. Except for the cancellation of the event, the tickets sold cannot be returned, changed, canceled or refunded.


6.1 In the event that the Member partially and/or completely violates any and/or all of its obligations arising from this contract, RADIO2020 may terminate the Member's membership unilaterally without any notification and/or justification, and cancel the Member's membership. may partially or completely freeze or cancel the services received, received or to be received from the site. Therefore, in the event of termination, the Member cannot claim any rights and/or claims from RADIO2020. RADIO2020 is authorized to claim any damages incurred or to arise from the Member.

6.2 RADIO2020 is authorized to terminate this contract unilaterally without giving any reason and without any notification, to cancel the membership of the Member and to suspend or completely cancel the services that the Member has received, is receiving or will receive from the site. In this case, the Member shall not be entitled to any rights, receivables, loss of profits, compensation for damages or any other name and title from RADIO2020 on the grounds of an unjust, unjustified, unjustified, inexcusable and untimely termination, acting contrary to good faith or any other reason and excuse. cannot request a payment.

6.3 This agreement enters into force from the moment it is approved on the Site and terminates automatically without the need for further notice when RADIO2020 or the Member cancels their membership and/or terminates the services offered on the Site.


In disputes arising from the implementation of this contract, the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems is authorized in the place where the Customer purchases service or resides within the monetary limits determined by the Ministry.


With the acceptance and approval of this contract and the realization of the payment for the order placed on the website, the Customer will be deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract and this contract will enter into force.
The customer accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she has accurate and complete knowledge of the contractual service's qualifications, sales price, payment method, right of withdrawal from the contract and all rights and obligations brought by the contract.
The Member has consented to the changes to be made in the Agreement and services, matters related to sales, cancellation of membership, termination of this agreement, termination and all similar notifications to be made to the e-mail address specified during the membership process, whether the notifications made by e-mail are received or not. It accepts and undertakes that it has been notified by RADIO2020 from the moment it is sent and that it will have legal consequences. RADIO2020 is not responsible for the late or non-delivery of the notification to the Member and its consequences.

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